Auditory Kahoot

Submitted by jan on

This week, we will use the web platform "kahoot" to run a timed, quiz competition, revising some of the materials covered in the Hearing lectures.

  • You will need to use a web browser either on a computer terminal or on your smartphone to connect to the web page .
  • The TA will give you a "game pin" number to select the right quiz.
  • After entering the game pin you need to choose and enter a nickname for yourself.
  • When all the students have registered their nicknames, the game begins. You will be asked a series of questions testing your knowledge and understanding of the material presented in the hearing lecture. You will get points for both accuracy and speed! So be quick (but not too quick!) in choosing the correct answers.
  • Getting several questions right in a row wins extra points.
  • The student with the highest score wins (and may get a little prize in the form of chocolate or similar).
  • This scores in this kahoot do not enter into the formal continuous assessment grade.