Hearing Things

In this lesson we look at sound, the ear and how the brain hears pitch, timbre and spatial locations of sound sources.

Preparation before the lecture:

  1. Watch "Basics Of Auditory System Crash Course"

    This video comes from the "CrashCourse" youtube channel. Note: He talks VERY FAST. You can slow down the play back speed if needed.

    Also note: the lecturer over-simplifies the notion of pitch. We will talk about more interesting aspects of pitch in class.

    Click the button to show the "hearing and balance crash course" video clip.

      Playback Speed:


  2. Watch "Modes of Vibration Caught on Camera" on auditoryneuroscience.com
  3. Go to  "Spectrogram" on auditoryneuroscience.com. Enable the microphone, make some noises and watch the spectrograms. Try speech. Try singing or whistling at different pitches. 
  4. Go to  "Missing fundamentals, Periodicity and Pitch" on auditoryneuroscience.com. Play with the demos as per instructions.
  5. Look at  "Formants and harmonics in spoken vowels" on auditoryneuroscience.com. 

Lecture Videos

Click on the buttons to see videos of the Semester A 2018 lecture.




Videos of Prof Sutter's Hearing Lecture from 2018