How Your Brain Works

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This site hosts lectures and material to tell you how your brain works. The lectures reproduced here under "Lessons" were given by Prof Jan Schnupp in summer 2011 as part of a 10 week evening class organized by the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. They are currently being adapted to form the basis of Gateway Education course GE1352 to be offered at the City University of Hong Kong from Autumn 2017.

The lessons assume almost no scientific prior knowledge, and aim to introduce the fundamentals of neuroscience to a lay audience, starting with the very basics, what nerve cells are and how they operate, all the way up to quite advanced topics which affect our lives, how we see, how memory works, how we make decisions and how these processes may go wrong, leading to difficulties ranging from Parkinson's disease to drug addiction.

Many of the lectures are still in "raw" format, as filmed on the day, but they are gradually being edited, cut into more easily digestible 15 minute chunks.

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I hope you will find the material interesting.

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