Course Info - GE1352

If you are a student at City University of Hong Kong and considering enrollment in How Your Brain Works [GE1352] you may find the information below helpful in forming your decision.

First of all, here some feedback comments received from students of the Sem B 2017/8 offering of the course:

" The course enables me to have some preliminary understanding on how the brain works in every aspect. I get more and more interested in learning how the brain functions that can control and explain my thinking, my feeling, my movement, my decision making etc. The course also provides me with knowledge to clarify some doubtful and superstitious claims and hypothesis. I will not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is curious and interested in learning the anatomy and function of the brain. "

" Best course I have taken in my two years at City U and would recommend it to most. The array of professors throughout the course was great in that you got an expert in the field lecturing you on every topic. The weekly tests were great in keeping you on top of your work otherwise that massive amount of studying at the end would be too daunting."

Of course we were pleased to receive such high praise :-)

But hang on. Weekly tests? Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, the first time we offered this course, we set the students a short quiz during most of the weekly tutorial sessions, so almost one quiz a week. In the following years, we will reduce that somewhat, but will continue to set a quiz on average every other week, so a total of roughly 7 brief (ca 10-15 minute) multiple choice quizzes for your continuous assessment, plus a final exam. We used to have a mid-term exam. That has been replaced by a mid-term lecture on computational neuroscience, where we will look at how biological and artificial neural networks perform some really clever tricks using only very simple ingredients. So there will be a bit less testing, and more interesting and fun stuff.

But note: The material we introduce you to in this course is not very difficult to understand, and if you are smart enough to be admitted to study for a degree in any subject at CityU you are smart enough to understand the material in this course. However, there is nevertheless a lot going on your brain, so you will need to learn quite a lot of material. So if you are lazy or are already overloaded, do not take this course!

The marks distribution from the last offering of this course reflects this: Over a third of our students got A grades overall (including students with business majors or other arts faculty majors) but 10% of our students failed, simply because they did not revise.